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Please click on the link below for our After School Little Learners and Camp Calabasas Camp Packet 

2024-25 Full-Packet Camp Calabasas

Please click on the link below for our Little Learners and Camp Calabasas Pricing Sheet for the 2024-25 School Year

Please see our After School Camp Calabasas 2024-25 Emergency Handbook by clicking on the link below.

Camp Emergency Preparedness Handbook

Kinder Monthly Themes

Daily Schedule
Please click on the link below to view our Kinder Program Daily Schedule. This schedule will be modified due to weather (poor air quality, rain, severe wind, etc.) on an as-needed basis.

Kinder Program Daily Schedule

Afternoon Snack
Children attending our programs are given an afternoon snack. We provide the children with food options from two food groups (including protein, vegetables, fruits, grains/starches) each day. By law, we are only permitted to serve milk and yogurt products that come from 1% milk. Fruit and vegetables are typically served fresh. If items are canned (pineapple, apple sauce, diced peaches) they are packaged in 100% fruit juice (not in corn syrup). Our Snack Calendar is posted within the main camp room and gets updated weekly when we get our food delivery. The menu is posted one week in advance. If your child has food sensitivities (such as gluten or dairy free), we have special items available.

Camp is a NUT FREE ZONE!